Uses of Management in Business Organizations

Supervisors carry out activities or tasks as they effectively and efficiently coordinate the work of others. Today, many management textbookscontinue to be organized around the management functions, although they have been condensed to four standard and extremely important ones: planning, arranging, leading, and managing. Let us briefly define what each of these management functions includes.

If you have no specific destination in mind, then you can take any roadway. However, if you have some location you wish to go, you have got to plan the very best way to obtain there. Because organizations exist to achieve some specific function, someone should clearly define that function and the ways for its accomplishment. Management is that somebody. Supervisors perform the planning function, specify objectives, develop techniques for accomplishing those objectives, and develop plans to incorporate and collaborate activities.

Supervisors are also responsible for arranging work to achieve the company's objectives. We call this function arranging. When managers organize, they identify exactly what jobs are to be done, exactly who is to do them, how the jobs are to be organized, who reports to whom, and where decisions are to be made.

Every company consists of individuals, and a supervisor's job is to work with and through people to achieve organizational objectives. This is the prominent function. When supervisors encourage subordinates, affect people or groups as they work, pick the most reliable communication channel or offer in any way with staff member behavior problems, they are leading.

The final management function is controlling. After the objectives are set (preparation), the strategies formulated (preparation), the structural plans figured out (organizing), and individuals worked with and encouraged (leading) there needs to be some assessment of whether things are going as prepared. To make sure that work is going as it should, managers need to keep track of and examine efficiency. Actual efficiency needs to be compared to the formerly set objectives. If there are any significant discrepancies, it is management's task to get work performance back on track. This process of monitoring, comparing, and correcting is what we mean by the controlling function.


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